64 years ago, Dr. Jane Goodall stepped foot on the shores of Lake Tanganyika for the first time. She had her notebook and binoculars with her, and not much else.

And yet the work she did in Tanzania completely changed our understanding of chimpanzees. Her research and her discoveries were groundbreaking, and her activism started an international movement.

That movement continues to grow, and we need you to be part of it. Now more than ever, chimpanzees are facing extreme threats – including the illegal and brutal wildlife trade, which claims the lives of an estimated 3,000 chimpanzees each year – and need our help.

In honour of World Chimpanzee Day, we’re inviting you to join the movement that Dr. Goodall started more than 60 years ago and help secure a safer future for our closest living relatives. Your kind gift today will go towards efforts to protect chimpanzees – and will make a meaningful difference. Thank you!

Your donation will go to work right away, helping us to:

  • Protect orphaned, abused, and injured chimpanzees from the illegal wildlife trade and other human impacts;
  • Support life-saving programs and initiatives like the Sniffer Dog program, where dogs are trained to sniff out products of the illegal wildlife trade in and around Tchimpounga Sanctuary;
  • Ensure communities can deliver community-centred conservation initiatives in both Canada and Africa, so that our planet is healthy for all beings.

Help us give other chimpanzees a story like Jeje’s:

The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada does not endorse close proximity to, interacting with, or the handling of chimpanzees. This video features our professional caretakers at Tchimpounga, who are working in controlled circumstances to give chimpanzees a second chance at life. 

Video credit: Jane Goodall Institute